Business IT Security Tip – Be aware of “Social Engineering” – phishing

IT Security

Social engineering can be described as one of the simpler methods of cyber-crime. The cyber criminals pose as fellow employees, a client or partner by creating a document which looks like it is coming from a legitimate source – possibly a fellow employee working on his home computer looking for a password and then trying to get information such as passwords or other sensitive data from the employee.

Businesses should have a company policy in place which would insist on verification and/or manager approval before exchanging passwords or other sensitive information over the internet to anybody. Staff should be made aware of any attempted phishing attacks and be told what to look for, if they feel that they have received a suspicious email. Companies of all sizes need to be aware of phishing. ITV’s Twitter account was hacked this May by the Syrian Electronic Army and ITV confirmed that the IT Security breach was triggered by a phishing email. Social engineering can also be used to install spyware or other malicious software on a computer.

To find out more on how to protect your business from cyber-crime and how to put effective IT Security in place contact us at Topsec Technology. We offer a wide range of services such as business antivirus software and content policy, which will protect your business communications.


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